Motive Of The Blog: This is an Enormous collection of all type of sources at one place to read and it gives you a great platform to explore the new creative ideas and awakening of the youth what exactly happening around you and how generation originating today to tomorrow.And This Blog  Benefits for All the Undergraduates or graduates of the Metallurgical & Materials Engineers stuff, while struggling to gather the Materials and Job Seekers as well as Career Guidance will be freely available here.

“If you believe, Your Beliefs Become Thoughts, Your thoughts become Actions, Your Actions become habits, Your habits become Character, Your Character becomes Destiny.” By Swamy Vivekananda

If you want to know Why I have  taken the start on Making Blogs&Whatsapp Group  etc ..?please visit this link you might get more clarification: Agenda of the group initiated-GATEMT

About My Birthpalce& Graduation life:

Myself S.Sreeram Naik, Born on 10th March 1994 at Perikapadu Thanda & Krosur Mandal  in Andhra Pradesh (South India) Near to New Capital Of Andhra Pradesh (Amravati), S.Sreeram Naik, graduated in Science from Gowtham Junior  College, Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) which was   (near to Vijayawada) in 2011 and specialized in Metallurgical &Materiasl  Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology ,Nagpur(VNIT) in 2016 Maharashtra

“ Work is your Weapon then Victory is the slave of you, Don’t like a Rock, but Work like a clock, Try and Try again until you get succeed.”

Currently Aspiring Bureaucrats and am a Metallurgical Engineer.An acquaintance in sociology as well as Advanced Technologies “, and “Resembles of endeavor, profound Thinker, Open hearted &Advicer, mentor, Supporter who are waiting with needy Hands”. 

last one but not least.   “I am fallen love with Honesty & sincerity&Respectability”.

You can follow me here:https://sreeram555.wordpress.com/ 

 For GATE Metallurgy Preparation you can visit: Sreeram Naik’s answer to How do I prepare for GATE Metallurgy?   

If your looking for Metallurgy Online sources then you can visit my answer: Sreeram Naik’s answer to What is the best website for metallurgy and materials engineers?  

I always believe “Life is a story and Every Man necessarily hero of his own story”

This Is my Resume  if you need for any Reference(Don’t judge me  based on my Resume because of I’m more than what you think about me ): – CV OF Sreeram

If you want to Join WhatsApp group or Telegram -you can reach me out at 9765196585 (With a proper   intro about yourself  before shooting at my personal window )

APJ Abdul Kalam Sir Speech at VNIT-Nagpur Axis’14.

My Personal Experiences From The Erstwhile:

  • Life is beautiful. The only need is to change the perception. You can see the glass half empty or half filled with water. The choice is yours. I prefer to see it positive ‘coz I am B-positive. Oops!! No choice. 😉
  • Life is just to teach lessons. Nothing personal grudges it has with us.So don’t say Why me? Sooner or later it will teach you. So, embrace it with love and smile. Learn it.
  • Everyone is here for some purpose. Find yours. Leave the tag of mediocre. Do something for the improvement of this society.
  • Follow your passion/dreams. Forget char log kya ka_henge. Thier work is to speak. Let them speak. For you, time will speak.
  • Love everyone but don’t expect in return. Because expectation hurts. No one is here to fulfill our expectations. Just do your work. Let the fruits be decided by God.
  • Life is a choice. Whatever is happening it’s just our own choice that how we take it. Some become strong. Some become vulnerable. Now choose what you want to be. I chose to be strong.
  • Don’t complain. No one is listening. Argh! Everyone has problems. You’re not alone. See, the child who don’t have parents. 😦 “Duniya me Kitna gam hai mere gram Kitna Kam hai).”
  • Don’t be vulnerable. Learn the art of detachment from negativity. Initially, it hurts later its bliss.
  • Learn from a mistake rather than committing again and again. Move on Dude! No one is thinking about you. Then why you?
  • Be happier. Always keep a smile like a child. No matter, you’re dying inside. Your smile makes someone day. :))
  • It doesn’t matter what others are doing. Don’t leave your kindness. Help others.
  • Be more generous and kind. This world needs more generous people. ‘cozan eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
  • Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame others. Don’t regret. Have patience. Everything is going to be good.
  • Improve yourself. Do introspection. Accept mistakes. Learn from it. Let everything go. Have peace. Time heals everything.
  • Don’t try to find flaws in others it’s none of our businesses to improve everyone. Work on yourself it matters a lot.
  • Don’t please everyone at the cost of your happiness. You can’t make everyone happy. Make yourself happy this is more important.
  • Life is more than Facebook and Whatsapp. Just see a child near road who don’t have food to eat. Do something for him/her. ( It makes your day).
  • Praise one person every day for their good. Forgive one person every day for their mistakes. Start with yourself.
  • This world is an Illusion(it’s a magical World and MAYA -No one guarantee on anything and anything for fractions of seconds).
  • When you find yourself nowhere. When you lost completely. Surrender yourself and give your all fear/apprehension to that almighty Paramita Parmatma/ God. He will take care of you. Cry in front of him.
  • Don’t cry for everything. When you think you have loads of problems just visit orphanage home. You come to know the real life. You blessed with everything. Say many thanks to God.!
  • Distribute chocolates/gift/ food to those children who are in need. Make them smile. 
  • Life is a conundrum. It throws surprises every single day. You just have to play come what may. Don’t leave the ground.It’s an exam which one has to pass with flying colors.
  • Don’t forget to Smile. :)) be positive. Ahaa!!! I am a beautiful soul. I am so good!!! 

                                                                    “Cheers & Be Happy & You’re beautiful”

“I Wish You All the best For Making life is a Celebrations Of  tomorrow’s Accomplishments  than Today  “


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