Power India

India – A Nation that can Lead the World

The news has reached many that the USA has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Change Agreement. Ironically Trump is now criticizing India for carbon emissions when it’s the USA itself which has worse emissions. 

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is strongly committed to reducing emissions and ensuring 24×7 affordable power for all to grow a business and create jobs for the people. No one should hold back India from becoming a prosperous nation and it is right of every Indian to get reliable electricity. This reliable cheap electricity is important for our well being it will help in lifting the living standards for our families and villages with better education and health care.

Moreover, India considers the world as a family and we will never back down from supporting the health our family. The way for India to achieve the climate change targets in Paris is by using the latest clean coal technology in new and upgraded thermal power plants. India should advance this immediately and take the role of world leader for clean coal power to achieve Paris agreement targets. India can show the world how to develop with ultra-super critical power plants. Clean coal increases the efficiency of a power plant and lowers emissions. India needs to use coal as the baseload to deliver cheap electricity to the people. Our Energy Minister Shri Piyush Goyal has said at various forums that using clean coal technology is far more beneficial in cutting down emissions as compared to renewables and India is on the way to becoming a master in this technology.

Both Modiji and Piyush Goyal have a bright opportunity in front of them to show the world that India is now a champion in using highly efficient supercritical thermal power plants. The 21st century will make India a global leader in providing uninterrupted power to all its citizens. This will give the economic strength and citizens will have more chances to get jobs to support their family. Innovation in the thermal power sector is our moment to lead the globe and show other nations it can be done. India should stand behind the Govt in their endeavor to invest more in research and development of the coal sector so that it creates a big impact on the Global platform and establishes India as a leader in Ultra-modern clean coal technology.

Jai Hind!


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